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What is ERPAG?

It is a cloud-based manufacturing inventory software. With the help of this software, you can quickly implement and automate your MRP system, sales, inventory, and purchasing.

ERPAG Pricing

As of writing this article, its pricing details are as follows. (For more information, refer to its official website).

  • Basic- Its starting price is $49 per user per month.
Pricing of ERPAG

To know ERPAG Professional charges (for enterprise-grade solutions with high volume data flow), you must contact the vendor directly.


It implements the software remotely by using more screen-sharing technologies.

It assigns only one person, basically a key account manager, and calls him a ‘communication officer.’

From the customer side also, one dedicated person has to be there, and he has to be an authorized person to make decisions during the implementation process.

The first three weeks are a crucial period. In this period, both the customer and service provider work together and put extra effort into solving specific workflow problems.

Supports and Servies

It schedules live-session to provide support and also provides support via tickets and the helpdesk.


Some Screenshots of ERPAG Features




ERPAG Purchasing by Products


ERPAG Manufacturing

Accounting Report Parameters

ERPAG Accounting Report Parameters


ERPAG Administration


  • Easily customizable and user-friendly software.
  • You can easily fix your mistakes.
  • You can easily import the data from your spreadsheet.


  • With the help of one drive, it is hard to make the software work well.
  • It is difficult to integrate the software with other apps.
  • The human Resource feature is not available.

What industries does it support?

Industries supported by ERPAG

It supports industries like

  • Automobiles
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Information Technology


  • Applied Spectra
  • FLO Corp
  • DMH USA sosution for sale
  • Kenandy
  • Cobalt kinetics


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