8 Best  Automotive ERP Solutions of 2022 (Features and Benefits)

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Automotive ERP Solutions

The automotive industry is one of the world’s most complex and fast-paced industries. 

To keep up, you need an ERP system that can handle the complexity and speed of the automotive industry. 

But with so many different ERP solutions on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for your business. 

This blog post will discuss the 8 best automotive ERP solutions available.

What are Automotive ERP Solutions?

They are software systems that help automotive companies manage their finances, manufacturing processes, and supply chains.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is used by businesses of all sizes to manage various aspects of their operations. However, automotive ERP solutions are specialized versions of these software systems designed specifically for the automotive industry. 

Benefits of ERP solutions in the automotive industry

Increased efficiency and productivity

An automotive ERP solution can increase efficiency and productivity by helping manage inventory levels, schedule, and track production, and manage sales and customer information.

That helps ensure that the right parts are available and that the manufacturing process runs smoothly. 

Improved decision-making

ERP solution improves decision-making by providing a unified view of the business. That allows managers to see how different parts of the business are performing and makes it easier to identify and fix problems. 

Better customer service

It enhances customer service by providing a unified view of the customer across all channels and touchpoints. That gives customer service representatives a complete view of the customer’s history and preferences, which can help them provide better service.

The solution also provides tools for automating processes and tasks, such as order management, invoicing, and shipping, which can help reduce the time it takes to serve customers.

Reduced inventory costs

An automotive ERP solution helps to reduce inventory costs by optimizing stock levels and improving inventory management. With an ERP system, businesses can keep track of inventory levels and usage and forecast future demand.

That allows them to order only the necessary supplies, reducing waste and improving efficiency.

Additionally, an ERP system can help identify slow-moving items and excess stock so that businesses can take action to reduce or eliminate these items from their inventory.

Streamlined operations

ERP solutions can help streamline operations by automating tasks and providing a single, central system for all information. Hence it enhances communication and coordination between departments and reduces the risk of human error. 

Here is the list of 8 best Automotive ERP solutions.

1. IFS

IFS ERP is a comprehensive software solution that enables automotive suppliers to manage every step of the production procedure, from design and engineering to manufacturing and distribution.


  • Finance
  • Human capital management
Human Capital Management of IFS
  • Commerce
  • Customer relationship management
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement 
  • Projects
Service Manager Lobby of IFS


  • Increased efficiency and accuracy in inventory management
  • Faster, more accurate financial reporting
  • Quicker and easier access to information for strategic decision making
  • Reduced downtime and improved production planning
  • Easily customizable
  • Supports end-to-end product life cycle

Other details

DeploymentCloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Supported DeviceWindows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android
SupportPhone Support, FAQs/Forum, Email/Help Desk, 24/7 (Live Rep), Chat, Knowledge Base
TrainingLive Online, In Person, Webinars, Documentation
Customer Ratings In Capterra: 3.8 out of 5(number of reviews;26+)
 In G2: 4.1 out of 5(number of reviews; 118+)

Our opinion

IFS ERP is suitable for businesses in the automotive industry. It helps manage all aspects of the business, from sales to production to inventory.

You can customize the software to meet your business requirements. It is trusted by the customers like Cheer pack, China airlines, Associa, Babcock, and more.

2. Epicore Kinetic

Epicor kinetic ERP is a complete enterprise resource planning solution specifically designed for manufacturing distribution.

It offers a range of features and functionality that can help automotive manufacturers and distributors streamline operations and improve efficiencies. 


  • Employ experience
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Global supply chain
  • Customer focus
  • HR and Finance
Finance of Epicore Kinetic
  • Business intelligence
  • Product management
  • Services and Assets
  • Risk and Compliance


  • Helps to generate good planning and material logistics system
  • With the help of a lean production strategy, it enhances lead times and reduces wastes
  • Monitors whole production process and product life history
  • Provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution

Other details

DeploymentCloud, Web-Based, SaaS
Supported DeviceMac, Linux, Windows, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, Andriod
SupportEmail/Help Desk, Knowledge Base, FAQs/Forum, Phone Support, Chat, 24/7 (Live Rep)
TrainingLive Online, In person, Documentation, Webinars, Videos
Customer RatingsIn Capterra: 3.8 out of 5(Number of reviews; 173+)

Our opinion

Epicor kinetic ERP is a cloud-based solution; hence you can access the software from anywhere, anytime.

It offers real-time visibility into all aspects of your business, from sales to production to inventory. That makes it easy to make informed decisions and optimize your operations. 

3. Plex Cloud ERP

Plex is a cloud-based ERP for the automotive industry that helps manage production, finance, and sales. With Plex, you can streamline your business processes and get a real-time view of your operations.


  • Advanced product quality planning
  • Production part approval process
  • Failure mode and effects analysis
  • Measurement system analysis
  • Statistical process control
  • Material management operations guidelines
  • Logistics evaluation
  • Electronic data interchange support
  • Customer and industry compliance
  • Lean manufacturing principles
  • Manufacturing intelligence
Production Analytics of Plex Cloud ERP
Cost Tracking of Plex


  • Helps to eliminate manual errors by creating orders automatically
  • Automated shipping notifications
  • Allows you to coordinate with new trading partners
  • Provides in-built EDI source
  • Automates the process and reduces the cost 
  • Provides real-time visibility of inventories and production process
  • Provides easy-to-read dashboards and reports

Other details

DeploymentCloud, SaaS, Web-Based
SupportEmail/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, 24/7 (Live Rep), Chat
TrainingIn Person, Webinars, Live Online, Documentation, Videos
Customer RatingsIn Capterra: 4.2 out of 5 (number of reviews;11+)
In G2: 3.6 out of 5(number of reviews; 23+)

Our opinion

Plex Cloud ERP is a comprehensive solution specially designed for accounting and manufacturing. It provides detailed features and capabilities for the automotive industry, which makes it an ideal choice for businesses operating in this sector.

Plex Cloud ERP is easy to use and helps businesses to automate their operations, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. In addition, it integrates manufacturing systems with quality management, engineering, tool tracking, and more.

4. QAD

QAD ERP software enables automotive OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers) to manage their production processes, quality assurance and recalls effectively and efficiently. It helps to improve customer satisfaction by ensuring the highest quality products.


  • Finance
  • Internationalization
  • Fixed asset management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Production execution
  • Quality management system
  • Customer and service management
Customer Service Manager of QAD
  • Customer self-service
  • CRM for manufacturers
Action requests page of QAD


  • The software is flexible and serves the unique requirements of manufacturers in the automotive industry.
  • It provides effective onboarding and implementation.
  • You can customize the automotive software with no code approach.
  • It provides 24/7 support. 

Other details

DeploymentCloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Support Device Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, Android, iPhone, iPad
SupportEmail/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, 24/7 (Live Rep), Chat
TrainingIn Person, Live Online, Videos, Webinars, Documentation
Customer Ratings In Capterra: 3.8 out of 5 (number of reviews;17)
 In G2: 3.5 out of 5 (number of reviews;16)

Our opinion

Overall, QAD ERP is a great option for businesses in the automotive industry. It helps to plan, manage and deliver specific functionalities tailored to support these businesses.

This can be extremely helpful in adapting to disruptions and future challenges across the industry. Additionally, QAD ERP is used by customers in over 60 countries, so it has a proven track record of success.


SYSPRO is a worldwide (ERP) software solutions provider for manufacturing and distribution organizations. It specializes in the automotive component manufacturing industry.

SYSPRO’s comprehensive and adaptable solution set enables companies to manage and enhance their operational efficiencies while providing the scalability to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s business.


  • Inventory management
Inventory page of SYSPRO
  • Order management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Production management
  • Procurement management
  • Supply chain management
  • Warehouse management
  • Financial management
  • Global business management
  • Governance Risk and compliance


  • The software provides a complete view of operations, from planning and scheduling to purchasing.
  • It allows you to forecast sales quotes and operates budgets. 
  • It allows you to manage extensive inventories and complex warehouse operations.
  • It enhances the management process for OEM returns.
  • It improves the quotation process.

Other details

DeploymentCloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Supported DeviceMac, Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone
SupportEmail/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Chat
Training In Person, Webinars, Live Online, Documentation, Videos
Customer RatingsIn Capterra: 4.02 out of 5 (number of reviews;98+)
In G2: 4.1 out of 5 (number of reviews;186+) 

Our opinion

Syspro is a great software that can be used in many different ways. It can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or through a hybrid model, which makes it very flexible. This feature allows them to choose the best option. 

6. SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a cloud-based ERP software that provides a complete solution to the automotive industry. It helps automakers, suppliers, and dealerships to transform their businesses and prepare for the future of mobility.

SAP Business One can help them by providing a single system to manage all aspects of their operations. From sales and marketing to manufacturing and logistics, SAP Business One can help companies optimize their operations and stay ahead of the competition.


  • Financial management
  • Supply chain management
  • Human capital management
  • CRM
  • Data and analytics
Analytics of SAP Business One
  • Spend management
  • Product life cycle management
  • Enterprise asset management
  • Sales performance management


  • The software provides a centralized vehicle repository to support mobility as a service.
  • It provides vehicle data, incidents, customer feedback, and market analysis.
  • It provides a 360-degree customer view.
  • It enhances the billing and buying experience.
  • It provides industry 4.0 scenarios.

Other details

DeploymentCloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Supported DeviceMac, Windows, iPhone, Android,  iPad
SupportEmail/Help Desk, Knowledge Base, Chat, Phone Support
TrainingIn Person, Live Online, Webinars, Documentation, Videos
Customer RatingsIn Capterra: 4.2 out of 5(number of reviews;191+)

Our opinion

Overall, SAP Business One seems like a very comprehensive and helpful software package for automotive businesses of all sizes.

It offers several features for automating and managing business processes and tracking and reporting critical business data. That makes it an invaluable tool for businesses seeking to improve efficiency and optimize operations. It also provides aftermarket auto parts management and handles complaints.

7. Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl Manufacturing is the perfect solution for businesses in the automotive industry. It streamlines the manufacturing process by tracking bills of materials, sub-assemblies, and serial numbers. It also keeps track of costs to stay on top of your inventory budget.


  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory management
  • Work orders
  • Bar code scanning
  • MRP
  • Labor and job tracking
  • Order management
  • Quickbooks integration
  • EDI integration
  • Business Intelligence
Sales Dashboard of Fishbowl Inventory


  • Generates bill of materials for all manufacturing items 
  • It helps you to organize subassemblies
  • Integrates with Quickbooks, Xero, Salesforce, Shopify

Other details

DeploymentCloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Supported DeviceMac, Linux, Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone
SupportEmail/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Chat, Phone Support
TrainingIn Person, Live Online, Documentation, Videos
Customer RatingsIn Capterra; 4.2 out of 5(number of reviews;770+)
In G2: 4.0 Out of 5 (number of reviews; 180+)

Our opinion

A fishbowl is a great tool for managing inventory and tracking logistics for the automotive industry. The cloud-based deployment model makes it easy to start, and the on-premise option provides more flexibility for larger organizations.

The billing and assembly status features are also beneficial, making it easy to keep track of your inventory and ensure that everything is up to date.


ABAS ERP is a comprehensive yet modular ERP solution ideally suited for the needs of mid-market automotive suppliers.

It provides a wide range of features that can help you manage your business more efficiently and cost-effectively while providing transparency and visibility into your operations.


  • Efficient automotive processes
  • Integrated EDI standards
  • Flexible plan material and due dates
  • Financial Accounting
  • Production
  • Scheduling
  • Customization
  • Sales
Sales page of ABAS ERP
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse
  • Mobile applications


  • It provides several functions to help midmarket companies to meet their requirements.
  • It manages complex supply chains efficiently.
  • It provides both on-premise and cloud deployment models.

Other details

DeploymentCloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Supported DeviceMac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad
SupportEmail/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Chat
TrainingIn Person, Live Online, Webinars, Documentation, Videos
Customer RatingsIn Capterra; 4.0 out of 5 (numbers of reviews; 45+)
In G2; 3.0 Out of 5 (number of reviews; 2+)

Our opinion

ABAS ERP can handle all aspects of manufacturing. It has extensive industry knowledge and best practice experience, which makes it the perfect system for companies in this industry.

It can also integrate with individual processes and requirements, making it highly customizable. Hence, ABAS ERP is an excellent choice for the automotive industry.


Pricing details are not provided by the software vendors on their official websites. You need to contact the vendors for more information.


So, if you are looking for an automotive ERP solution that can take your business to the next level, we suggest you consider one of the 8 solutions we’ve outlined in this post. Each solution has been selected because it is reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.

Additionally, each of these automotive ERP providers has a team of experts available to help you get up and running with their software as quickly as possible.