EdgeERP is an open-source accounting system written in PHP. EdgeERP was forked from WebERP by a community of WebERP consultants/contributors who were dissatisfied with WebERP’s development model and progress.

Some specific features of note include multi-currency, multi-language, multiple warehousing, banking, recurring orders, report writer and sales analysis tools, payments and collections, physical inventory count facilities, assemblies and kit sets using bill of materials, serial, batch and lot control of inventory, discounting and price breaking, tremendous control over support information such as payment methods, powerful tax setup to handle practically anything without modification, extensively controllable user security to all areas of the system.

Project Features of EdgeERP ERP Software

  • Security
  • Sales Quotes/Orders/Invoicing
  • Receivables
  • Inventory Including Services
  • Purchases
  • Payables
  • Banking
  • General Ledger

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