ERP.NET ERP Software

ERP.NET is ERP/CRM&SFM software application written in C.NET/ASP.NET/T-SQL for manufacturing company. There are included modules are: CRM,ERP,SFM, order,manufacture,Client,supplier, Price, stock, project…

Project Features of ERP.NET ERP Software


    • Database Environment : SQL-based 
    • Development Status : 3 – Alpha 
    • Intended Audience : Manufacturing 
    • License : Academic Free License (AFL), GNU General Public License (GPL) 
    • Operating System : WinXP 
    • Programming Language : ASP.NET, C
    • , XSL (XSLT/XPath/XSL-FO) 
    • Topic : Database Engines/Servers, Business Intelligence, Business Performance Management, CRM, ERP, Workflow 
    • Translations : Bulgarian, English
  • User Interface : .NET/Mono, Win32 (MS Windows), X Window System (X11), Web-based

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