With a seemingly endless number of open source ERP solutions available on the market nowadays, so people often feel overwhelmed when they need to pick the most suitable system for their needs.

That is why we have created this page with an unbiased, well-researched list of free open source ERP available, and sorted them based on their ranking.

Open source erp

This list of free open source ERP ( enterprise resource planning )software will help you in comparing and choosing the right software for you.

The first part of the post is having a sorted list of the 10 most popular systems available.

At the bottom, you will find a comprehensive list of all the other 12 popular applications.

Let’s take a closer look.

Top 10 free and open source ERP software systems

1. ERPNext

VendorFrappe Technologies
HeadquartersMumbai, India
Deployment ModelOn-premise, Cloud
Customersmore than 5000
Intended UsersSmall, Medium, Large
Free TrialAvailable

ERPNext is an open source ERP with full-featured business management tools. It also has specific modules for different industries.

  • It offers 2 editions
    • 1. Community edition( zero license fees) 
    • 2. Enterprise edition. (licensed version)  support, hosting, and backups  are available
  • It offers 3 types of pricing
    • Open source
    • Managed Hosting
    • Enterprise
  • Programming languages used are Python and Javascript
  • The latest release is 13
  • License: GNU,GPLv3
  • Type: ERP, CRM, HRM, Accounting, Retail, Healthcare, Education

Following are the available modules in ERPNext

Financial Accounting

More details about ERPNext ERP

official website of ERPNext

2. Odoo

VendorOdoo S.A
HeadquartersGrand Rosiere
Deployment modelCloud, on-premise, Odoo. Sh
Customersmore than 7 million
Intended UsersAll sizes
Free TrialAvailable

Odoo is an open source ERP with highly customizable apps and is very easy to usage. Odoo helps you to manage workloads and projects. It is a completely secured ERP for all users.

  • It offers 2 editions
    • 1. Odoo community (free of cost)
    • 2. Odoo enterprise (paid version): It has the features of community edition with some additional features.
  • Programming languages used are Python, XML, and Javascript
  • The operating systems: Linux, Unix-like, OS X, windows, ios, Android
  • The latest release is Odoo14
  • License: GNU Lesser, GPLv3(for community edition) and Proprietary(for enterprise edition)
  • Type: ERP, CRM, CMS, e-commerce, accounting

Following are the apps available in the Odoo community edition

Website Apps
E-commerce Apps
Manufacturing Apps
Marketing Apps
Project Apps
Inventory Apps
Accounting Apps
Human Resource Apps
Sales Apps

More details about Odoo ERP

Official website of Odoo

3. Dolibarr

ProductDolibarr ERP
VendorThe Dolibarr Fundation
HeadquartersOlivet, France
Deployment ModelCloud, On-premise
Customers1 million
Intended UsersAll Sizes
Free TrialAvailable

Dolibarr is an open source ERP that perfectly meets users’ requirements.

  • It is available fully free of charge
  • The programming language used is PHP
  • The operating system is cross-platform
  • The latest release is Dolibarr 13.0.2
  • License: GNU,GPLv3
  • Type: ERP, CRM, SaaS, Accounting
  • It offers supports through forum, community, online, and documentation

Following are the available modules in Dolibarr

CRM and Sales
Human Relationship
Finance and Billing
Product and Stock

More details about Dolibarr ERP

Official website of Dolibarr

4. ADempiere

VendorADempiere Community
HeadquartersBerlin, Germany
Intended UsersSmall, Medium, Enterprises
Deployment modelOn-premise, Cloud

ADempiere is an open source ERP that combines ERP, CRM, and SCM. It supports the industries like manufacturing, distribution, retail, etc.

  • It is available fully free of charge
  • It is available in several languages. Some of them are Thai, Romanian, Italian, Catalan, English, Indonesian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Bosnian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic
  • The programming language used is Java 1.8
  • Operating systems are Linux, Windows, Unix, OS X
  • The latest release is 3.9.3
  • License: GPLv2
  • Platform: Apache Tomcat, JBoss, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database.
  • It offers supports through documentation, videos, articles, and helplinks
  • Type: ERP, CRM, and SCM

Following are the available features in ADempiere

Trade Management
Purchasing Management
Manufacturing Management
Material Management
Forecast management

More details about ADempiere ERP

Official website of ADempiere

5. iDempiere (OSGi + ADempiere)

VendorCommunity Developers
HeadquartersBerlin, Germany
Intended UsersSmall, Medium, Large
Deployment ModelOn-premise, Cloud
Available ModulesERP, CRM, SCM

It is a combination of OSGi and ADempiere. It implements CRM, ERP, and supply-chain-management in the community way.

  • It is available fully free of charge
  • It is available in many languages like English, German, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese,[2] Romanian, Russian, Polish, Thai, Arabic, Bosnian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and many others
  • The programming language used is Java
  • Operating systems are Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris
  • The latest release is 8.2
  • License: GPLv2
  • Platform: OSGi, Jetty, ZK(framework)
  • Type: ERP, CRM, and SCM

More details about iDempiere ERP

Official website of iDempiere.

6. Apache OFBiz

ProductApache OFBiz
VendorApache Software Foundation
HeadquartersWilmington, U.S.A
Intended UsersAll sizes

It is now managed through the Apache Software Foundation. It has an enterprise application framework plus an extensive set of applications with best practices. It is suitable for all industries.

  • It is available fully free of charge
  • It has cloud-based deployment model
  • Programming languages used are Java, Javascript, XML, Freemaker, Groovy
  • The operating system is Cross-platform
  • The latest release is 17.12.06
  • License: Apache license 2.0
  • Type: Business process

More details about Apache OFBiz ERP

Official website of Apache OFBiz.

7. Metasfresh

VendorMetas Community
Intended UsersSmall, Medium
Free TrialAvailable

It is a free open source ERP suitable for small and medium industries.

Following are the available modules in Metasfresh

Contract management
Account Payable
Account Receivable
Document Automation
Distribution Resource Planning
Manufacturing Resource Planning

More details about metasfresh ERP

Official website of metasfresh

8. Tryton

VendorThe Tryton Community
Intended UsersAll Sizes

Tryton is a three-tier architecture that consists of the Tryton client, the Tryton server, and the Database management system.

  • Programming languages used are Python and Javascript
  • Operating systems are BSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Window
  • The latest release is 6.0
  • License: GPLv3
  • Type: ERP, CRM, Accounting, and Business process

More details about Tryton ERP

Official website of Tryton

9. webERP

HeadquartersBoston, U.S.A
Deployment Modelweb-based
Intended UsersSMEs, Startups, Enterprises, Freelancers

webERP is a complete web-based open source ERP system providing best practices, multi-user business administration, and accounting tools over the web.

  • It is fully free of charge
  • The programming language used are PHP, and Javascript
  • The operating systems are Windows, Linux, Mac OS
  • License is GPLv2
  • The latest release is 4.15.1
  • It is available in 33 languages. Some of them are Romanian, French, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Albanian, Latvian, Czech, Italian, Vietnamese, English, Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional), Estonian, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Hindi, Indonesian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian

More details about webERP

Official website of webERP.

10. Open pro

HeadquartersFountain valley, U.S.A
Deployment ModelWeb-based
Intended UsersAll Sizes
Free TrialAvailable

Open pro is an open source ERP using open source LAMP technology.

  • It offers 3 versions
    • Easy ERP for the small industry with basic needs
    • Open Pro ERP for companies with over 10 users
    • Enterprise ERP for the larger organization
  • The operating systems are Windows All, Unix, Linux, SUN Solaris, IBM AIX, OS400, VMS, Hewlett Packard HP-UX, MAC
  • The latest release is 9.0.9.

Following are the available modules in Open pro

ERP Modules
Mobile Applications
Customer Service

More details about OpenPro ERP

Official website of Openpro

Next list of Free Open Source ERP software systems

11. Frontaccounting

FrontAccounting is a professional web-based Accounting system.

It is registered in 2007.

  • It is fully free of charge
  • Programming languages used are PHP, Javascript
  • User interface: Web-based
  • The latest release is 2.4.8
  • License: GPLv3
  • Intended users: Financial & insurance Industries, manufacturing, and nonprofit organizations
  • Type: ERP, Accounting, Enterprise

Following are the available modules in Frontaccounting

Front accounting Features

Official website of frontaccounting

12. Flectra

Flectra open source ERP

It is a business information system with a modular design covering all essential aspects of the ERP and CRM needs of a business. It is user-friendly. It can be deployed as a Saas.

  • It offers three types of edition
    • 1.Starter
    • 2.Professional
    • 3. Enterprises
  • Programming languages used are Python and Postgresql framework
  • It is available for Cloud, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Following are the available features in Flectra

Flectra features

Official website of Flectra.

13. Axelor

Axelor open source ERP

It is a modular and intelligent platform with ERP, CRM, and business process management platforms. More than twenty applications including HR, accounting are integrated with it.

It offers financial management, inventory management, project management, order management, distribution management in one place. It is suitable for industries like services, manufacturing, the public sector, and distribution.

  • It offers two types of charges
    • 1. The basic software(Community version): free of charge
    • 2. Optional services (Cloud and Support): charged
  • Operating system: Windows, Mac
  • License: AGPLv3

Following are the available modules in Axelor

Axelor Features
Axelor Features

Official website of Axelor.

14. LedgerSMB

This open source ERP is useful in double-entry accounting. Most of the ERP features are included and it is available with the web browser interface.

In this ERP Accounting data is stored in a SQL database server and a standard web browser can be used as its user interface.

It is founded in 2006 and its headquarters is Ostrobothnia, Finland. It serves industries like communications, factoring, IT services, financial services, rental, retail, and trade.

  • It is fully free of charge
  • Available in the languages of the following countries: (ie US, Canada, EU (Netherlands, Hungary, Estonia, United Kingdom), Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Barbados, and Colombia.)
  • Programming languages used are Perl, PL/pgSQL, JavaScript
  • Operating systems are Unix, Mac OS, Windows, Android
  • Platform: Cross-platform
  • The latest release is 1.8.6
  • License: GOLv2
  • Type: Accounting, ERP, CRM

Following are the available features in LedgerSMB


Official website of LedgerSMB.

15. BlueSeer

Blueseer open source ERP

Blueseer is an open source ERP and is more useful for the manufacturing industry and small to medium businesses. It is on par with commercial manufacturing ERP software.

  • It is fully free of charge
  • The programming language used is Java
  • The user interface is Java Swing
  • License: MIT license
  • Database Environment: JDBC, MySQL, SQLite

Following are the available modules in Blueseer

Blueseer Features

Official website of BlueSeer.

16. inoERP

The main purpose of inoERP is to provide a dynamic pull-based system where the demand-supply varies frequently. It is a web-based enterprise management system. Its headquarters is in Hong Kong, China.

  • It is fully free of charge
  • Programming languages used are PHP and Javascript
  • The operating system is cross-platform
  • The latest release is 0.5.2
  • License: Mozilla Public License Version2.0
  • Type: ERP, CRM, Accounting

Following are the available modules in inoERP

inoERP features

Official website of inoERP

17. EasyERP

This open source ERP is suitable for small and medium businesses. Its headquarters is in Zakarpattia, Ukraine.

  • The programming language used is JavaScript
  • The operating system is Windows
  • License: GNU Library or LGPLv3
  • A free trial is available for Saas
  • Functionalities include Inventory management, CRM, HR, Accounting.
  • It also had a SaaS-based paid service that can be integrated with Magento, Shopify, and Etsy

Following are the available features in EasyERP

easyERP features

Official website of EasyERP.

18. ERP5

ERP5 open source ERP

ERP5 is an open source ERP and it supports industries like banks, governments, trade, manufacturing, aerospace, automation, and corporations.

It generates reports in PDF format with an unrestricted layout. It can be accessed from mobile devices also. It uses a unified business model (UBM) to describe all its modules.

  • It is fully free of charges
  • The programming language used is Python
  • Operating systems are Linux and Unix
  • The latest release is 5.4.7
  • License: GPL
  • Type: ERP

Following are the available modules in ERP5

ERP5 Features
ERP5 Features
ERP5 Features

Official website of ERP5.

19. VIENNA Advantage

Vienna advantage open source ERP

It is an open source ERP and CRM Solution with a powerful document management system.

It supports many industries like textile & apparel, retail & supply chain, restaurant & cafe, construction & real estate, public sector, education, distribution, telecom, e-commerce, discrete manufacturing, life insurance, oil and gas, professional services.

  • It offers three types of editions
    • 1. Enterprise edition ( for large and multinational enterprises and also for Government organizations)
    • 2.Professional edition( for medium to large companies)
    • 3. Community edition -It is free of charges and unsupported ( for developers and small enterprises )
  • Operating systems are Windows and Mac

Following are the features available in Vienna advantage

Vienna Advantage Features

Official website of VIENNA Advantage.

20. Libertya

It is a powerful and scalable open source ERP software, runs on multiple platforms and full customization is available to fit different business processes. It is also a Comprehensive Administrative Management software.

It is registered in 2011.Its headquarters is in Argentina,South America.

  • It is fully free of charges
  • Available in two languages: Spanish and English
  • The programming language used is Java
  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux
  • The latest release is 19.07
  • License: Libertya Public License Version 1.0 (LPLV1.0)
  • Intended Users: IT, Management

Following are the available features in Libertya

Libertya Features

Official website of Libertya

21. Project-open

Project open open source ERP

It is a web-based ERP. It is useful for service and consulting companies with 2-200 employees.

  • It offers two types of edition
    • 1. Community edition- Free of charges ( All modules of project open available. This edition is sufficient for small and medium-sized enterprises)
    • 2. Professional and enterprises edition- Paid edition (It include s community edition and closed source extensions like advanced reporting and other modules required in larger organizations)
  • License: GPLv2
  • Type: Enterprise, CRM, ERP, Time tracking, Accounting, Project Management

Following are the available modules in Project open

Project Open Features

Official website of Project-Open.


Mix ERP open source ERP

It is a free and open-source, built on the ASP.net framework.

Following are the available features in mixERP

mixerp Features

Official website of mixERP

Benefits of open source ERP

  • Reduces costs: If your organization is small, or a start-up you will be not in the position to consume more money for ERP software. In this case, open-source ERP is the best solution. For open source ERP software, you need not pay license charges to get source code. You can install, implement, and customized it freely. Many open-source ERP solutions have a wide range of features.
  • Easily customizable: If you have cloud ERP solutions or any paid solutions, you have to contact your vendors for customization. It takes more time to communicate with each other. But with an open-source ERP solution, you can easily customize internally without a vendor. It reduces the customization time.
  • Easy upgrade: It will be easily and frequently upgradable without any disturbance. You can increase the number of users without cost.
  • Availability of demo: If you want a demo session while implementing an ERP system in your company, you need to contact the vendor, set a time for a meeting and demo session. It consumes more time. But it will not happen with open source ERP because you can get the license through the database that is available publically and examine the software by yourself without communicating with vendors.
  • Quality coding: Open source provides good quality coding because it is built and reviewed by many individual developers. The only thing is your IT team members should check the working of the software process with business data.

Challenges of open source ERP

  • Unexpected expenses: You know that open source code is free. Don’t think you will get everything free. You have to pay for its implementation. Implementation costs consist of hardware charges, software backup charges, internal IT staff, and security charges. If you need external It staff, the charges will be more.
  • Limited features: Vendors offer open source ERP modules. But the fact is they provide limited features with open source code. If you need more advanced or additional features that are required for your business, then you have to pay or subscribe to those features on a monthly payable basis.
  • Needs IT department with advanced knowledge: With the open-source ERP, you only need to design and install the required customization as per your business requirements. For that, you need well knowledgeable ERP expertise. The vendor will not support your technical issues or any crush or error of the software. You have to solve these problems internally.
  • Impression of management: Open source means its source code is publically available. Hence management may be worried about its security. In that case, the implementation team should take responsibility and demonstrate and convince the management about its safeness.
  • Absence of documentation: Open source ERP will be successful with user training. This training session requires some study materials and reference documents. You will get these documents from commercial vendors. But open-source software vendors will not provide such documents. Hence IT team or implementation team should generate training documents to train users adequately.
  • Time and money consuming: Implementation of an open source ERP software is not an easy task. It is a long and difficult process. It requires excess money and time to customize the software potentially. With the help of proper guidelines, planning, and objectives, you may reduce the wastage of time and money.

Please suggest to us how we can make this list of open source ERP better.


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