Wavelet Enterprise Management Portal ERP Software

Wavelet EMP is a web-based J2EE ERP system running on PostgreSQL DB. It is in production status and used by more than 100 shops in South Eash Asia. The software team is in Malaysia.

Project Features of Wavelet EMP ERP Software


    • Development Status : 6 – Mature
    • Intended Audience : Developers, System Administrators, Customer Service, Healthcare Industry, Manufacturing, Telecommunications Industry
    • License : Other/Proprietary License
    • Operating System : All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes), OS Independent (Written in an interpreted language), Linux
    • Programming Language : C++, Java, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Unix Shell
    • Topic : Internet Phone, Telephony, Accounting, Point-Of-Sale
    • Translations : Chinese (Simplified), English, Malay
  • User Interface : Web-based


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